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Oil Deep Conversion Plant as Part of KINEF

Заказчик строительства: ООО «Производственное объединение Киришинефтеоргсинтез»
Подрядчик (субподрядчик): ЗАО «ГТ Морстрой»
Период строительства: апрель-май 2005 г
Address: Россия, Ленинградская обл.

The quay is designed for large-size and heavy equipment reloading from barges of series 81100 and 16801 to motor vehicles and delivery to the interim storage site.

The project includes:

  • water approaches to the quay;
  • quay under reconstruction for the barges including:
    • pit;
    • beds;
    • quayside;
    • protecting dolphins;
    • abutment pier;
    • coast protection;
  • shore interim storage site;
  • inshore mooring for barges;
  • reconstruction of the existing highway.

The quay under reconstruction and coast protection are made as sheet pile wall from sheet piles F-2512 manufactured by PO «Beregstal». The quayside length is 100 m, coast protection length is 60 m. The quay and interim storage site for large-size and heavy equipment are designed to withstand loads of 15 t/m2.

The designed and built set of facilities enabled to reload equipment of up to 1100 t weight and up to 10 m diameter and 68 m length.