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Quay in Dalnyaya Bay

Инвестор строительства: ОАО «Газпром»
Заказчик строительства: ООО «Газпром инвест Запад»
Генеральный подрядчик: ООО «Стройгазконсалтинг»
Подрядчик (субподрядчик): ЗАО «ГТ Морстрой»
Период строительства: 08.2009 — 03.2010
Address: Россия, Ленинградская область, б. Дальняя

To ensure the compressor station «Portovaya» construction, a number of berthing facilities was erected in Dalnyaya Bay including:

  • Quay No.1 for mooring and handling non-self propelled single-deck barges;
  • Quay No.2 for mooring and handling river/sea-going ships (of Volga-Don project) as well as for temporary cargo storage;
  • End section of Quay No.2 for temporary mooring of auxiliary ships;
  • Connecting dam with an access road (linking the quay with the shore).

The mooring wall structure is an anchored bulkhead made of 1420 mm diam steel pipes. The gaps between the steel pipes are filled with sheet piles of half-pipes of the same diameter. This design has been patented by GT Morstroy and used many times to build critical facilities in a short time.

The metal pile head has thermal seams.

Due to the complex geology of the construction site, the rock mass was drilled using \Л/Ип РВА-818 drilling rig inside the pile-shells with their subsequent driving, and in some cases, pile anchor arranging.

To raise the site up to elevation of +2.5 m of the shore facilities, 125,000 m3 of sand was delivered and used during the quays and dam construction. The dam side slopes are fixed by gabions.

The total length of piling walls of the quays is 505 meters.

As no access roads were available, the delivery of materials, equipment and workers, as well as all the construction works were carried out from water.