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Mooring Offshore Platform for Oil Products Transfer

Заказчик строительства: ООО «Батнавтобимпекс»
Генеральный подрядчик: ЗАО «ГТ Морстрой»
Период строительства: 2002 г
Address: Грузия, порт Батуми

The floating landing stage is designed for marine mooring of up to 150,000 t tankers in fixed position. Provision is made for approaching and mooring ships to perform transshipment operations of another smaller tanker (displacement up to 5,000 tons).

The floating landing stage is designed for natural depths (at least 20 m) at about 220 m distance from the existing quay-pier wall. The location (floating landing stage axis) is determined by the position of the underwater pipelines. Provisions are made for ship alignment with stern to the quay-pier wall. The assumed position of the landing stage taking into account the existing bottom relief provides:

  • Safe mooring of a storage tanker with a draft of 17 m taking into account the necessary reserves and possible movements of the tanker in the direction of the floating stage due to the anchors creeping;
  • Mooring to the tanker with a draft of 6.5 m and a length of 105 m.

The terminal facility consists of 4 anchor-mooring systems, each of them is designed in the form of a mooring buoy fixed by a bridle chain to the reinforced concrete anchor. A tanker is held at the facility by the tanker's mooring lines fixed to buoys, as well as by its own anchor.

The storage tanker is moored and held by the tanker's mooring ropes in an amount corresponding to the weather conditions, to the mooring buoys of anchor and mooring systems. A small tanker is held by mooring it to the main tanker.

Elements of anchor-mooring systems (mooring buoys, bridles, anchors) in their strength and amortization qualities in a specific hydrometeorological situation, during fulfilment of project requirements and rules of maritime practice, will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the facility during the navigation period.

The terminal facility design ensures fixation of the storage tanker CL along the facility at uniform mooring lines tension, sufficient holding capacity, the possibility of a safe approach (departure) of the tankers, both with tugs and without any outside help.