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LUKOIL-Н Distribution and Transshipment Facility

Заказчик строительства: ОАО «ЛУКОЙЛ-Северозападнефтепродукт»
Генеральный подрядчик: ЗАО «ЛУКОЙЛНЕФТЕГАЗСТРОЙ»
Подрядчик (субподрядчик): ЗАО «ИК «Трансстрой» (ЗАО «ГТ Морстрой»)
Период строительства: 2003-2004 г.
Address: Россия, Ленинградская область, г. Высоцк

The facility is designed for delivery of petroleum products to tankers from 20 to 80 thousand tons, the reception of petroleum products from vessels of the river/sea-going type of up to 6 thousand tons.

From June to December, 2003, SU GT Morstroy carried out the construction of the pile access overpass foundation, as well as the concreting of the installed pile-shells and the bulkhead of berthing legs.

At the first stage of the work, the piles-shells with a diameter of 1420x16 mm were driven to the rocky soil using a vibration shaker. Then, an anchor with a diameter of 1300 mm was drilled in the rock to a depth of 5 to 6.5 m. Reinforced frame was inserted into the drilled anchor and concreted by tremie method. At the final stage, the pile-shells were covered with sand.

Hydrotechnical facilities of the facility (excluding dredging on the shipping route) were built in record time: The work was started in April, 2003 and completed in May, 2004.

The first stage of the facility was put into operation in June, 2004.