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Marine Passenger Terminal on Vasilievsky Island

Заказчик строительства: ФГУП «Росморпорт»
Генеральный подрядчик: ЗАО "БДК"
Подрядчик (субподрядчик): ЗАО "ГТ Морстрой"
Период строительства: 10.2007-07.2008 г.
Address: Россия, Санкт-Петербург

The hydrotechnical foundations of the leading beacons are made as a rank of piles with a monolithic reinforced concrete upper structure on ten inclined (4:1) metal pile shells 33.2 and 36.3 m long, 1220 mm in diameter, with a combined wall thickness: 15 mm in the upper section and 12 mm in the lower section of the pile.

The piles are driven to elevation of -33.0 m at the front and -30.0 m on the rear beacon. The total volume of placed concrete is 412 cubic meters.

Hydraulic foundations have a front (h = 10 m) and rear (h = 15 m) beacons.

The centers of the front and rear leading beacons are located strictly along the alignment, which is the continuation of the axis of the approach channel to the Passenger Sea Terminal at Vasilievsky Island.

The hydrotechnical foundation of each leading beacon is equipped with mooring bollards and 400 mm tubular fenders for mooring small ships.

The light-optical equipment is installed on the leading beacons support structures.