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Complex of Flood Protective Structures in Saint-Petersburg

Заказчик строительства: ФКП «Северо-Западная дирекция Росстроя. Дирекция комплекса защитных сооружений Санкт-Петербурга от наводнений»
Генеральный подрядчик: ОАО «Метрострой»
Подрядчик (субподрядчик): ЗАО «Компакт» (ЗАО «ГТ Морстрой»)
Период строительства: 07.2007-05.2008 г
Address: Россия, г. Кронштадт

During construction the ring road of St. Petersburg in the area of the S-1 shipping passage, a pile wall was built to enclose the local pit in the area of the southern exit of the T5-YU motor tunnel section from under the shipping passage facility.

The sheet piling of the local pit is a bulkhead with a face wall of metal piles HZ775D-24/AZ18-700, steel S355GP.

Near the automobile tunnel, for the first time on the territory of the Russian Federation, the construction of two layers of sheet piles C1 HZ775D, S355GP steel, and AZ36-700, S430GP steel, was successfully used. The sheet pile bulkhead has two-level anchoring system. Sheet piles AZ18-700, S355GP steel, and reinforced concrete anchor plates APSh26 are used as the anchor wall.

The total length of the face sheet pile wall is 270 run. meters.

The complexity of this work consisted of extremely difficult geological conditions – a large number of boulders and rock fragments that were in the ground at various elevations. For the successful completion of works, leading well drilling technology and powerful piling equipment were used: Vibratory driver Muller MS-100 HHF and Diesel hammer Delmag D62-22.