Serie I of the Two Seas Cup regatta - 1st place

30.07 - 01.08 in St. Petersburg ended the serie I of the Two Seas Cup regatta, where in accordance with the results of all days of the competition our team, SU "GT Morstroy", took first place!

We have worked long and hard to earn this victory, strived, trained and finally we've achieved it!

Team member Alex Kravtsov (director of SU GT Morstroy) answered questions from the organizers of the regatta:

 I think the regatta was 200 percent successful. We managed to do everything in three days! On the first race day in one of the races we took almost the last place. And the first, too. On the second day, we expected for our blessed hope, but it did not come. But we saw what kind of wind there was. And the third day was even more eventful - there was wind, sun and waves. Constant course changes, fancy starts and roundabouts. We are grateful to all the teams for this unforgettable experience!

- Before the start of the races, you promised to fight for the top three. It turns out that you have exceeded your promises, haven’t you?

- We’ve not only exceeded our promises, but also made more. Everything was above the norm! This was very unexpected. The final day turned out to be extremely successful and very combative.

- Which of the crew members can you mark?

- I am extremely grateful to Sergei Bruzga, we have known each other for several years. Our employee Maxim Grunenko is all bruised, but he fought to the end. And, of course, many thanks to Daniil Banayan - with him we gained an extraordinary experience.

- Last year you did not go to Gelendzhik. How will it be this year?

- We are thinking about it. There is a desire, but everything will depend on the workflow. If the work situation permits, then, of course, I would like to go there. Moreover, the event will take place on a different sea, especially since it is still the "Cup of the Two Seas". But sometimes we have a lot of work ahead of us.

- Will the current success help you to make the right choices?

- I think so. The staff will say, 'We won here, we have to go there too. We'll meet at the office to discuss the results.

- Do you want to continue playing in two teams after this victory?

- We did that last year and really enjoyed it. Especially because one of the teams was female. They still remember with pleasure, despite the fact that they took the last place. This year, for a number of reasons, they could not do this. I will try to do it in two crews.