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Fleet and equipmentОборудованиеEquipmentОборудование: разделDiesel hammer Delmag D 62-22, 2 unitsОборудование: объектMain parametersh1Diesel hammer Delmag D 62-22, 2 unitsShow in menuImage for title/images/content/oborudovanie_i_flot/19.jpgТочка 1Top300Left570Текст<p>Dead weight &ndash; 12.25 tons</p> <p>Weight incl. sheeting cap &ndash; 17 tons</p> <p>Weight incl. pipe drivehead &ndash; 26 tons</p>Точка 2Top1180Left570Текст<p>Weight of hammer tup &ndash; 6.2 tons</p> <p>Blow energy &ndash; 224,600-109,800 nm</p> <p>Stroke frequency range &ndash; 35-50 cpm</p>