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Fleet and equipmentОборудованиеEquipmentОборудование: разделDrilling rig Wirth PBA 818Оборудование: объектMain parametersh1Drilling rig Wirth PBA 818Show in menuImage for title/images/content/oborudovanie_i_flot/8.jpgТочка 1Top800Left670Текст<p>Power &ndash; 273 kW</p> <p>Drilling tool rotation speed &ndash; 0-120 rpm</p>Точка 2Top1320Left670Текст<p>Drilling diameter &ndash; 1-2.5 m</p> <p>Penetration speed in rocky soil &ndash; 0.4 m/h</p>Точка 3Top1715Left670Текст<p>Drilling depth &ndash; up to 50 m</p> <p>Maximum inclination of the well axis &ndash; 18 degrees (1:5)</p>