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Fleet and equipmentОборудованиеFleetОборудование: разделJack-up type offshore floating platform “Vaenga”Оборудование: объектMain parametersh1Jack-up type offshore floating platform “Vaenga”Show in menuImage for title/images/content/oborudovanie_i_flot/1.jpgТочка 1Top450Left155Текст<p>Plan dimensions &ndash; 24.40x17.08 m</p> <p>Moulded depth &ndash; 2.44 m</p> <p>Max draft &ndash; 2.0 m</p>Точка 2Top345Left740Текст<p><span>Capacity &ndash; 250 tons</span></p>Точка 3Top530Left1135Текст<p>Modular design, number of modules &ndash; 17</p> <p>Autonomous diesel electric power unit 150 kW</p>Точка 4Top750Left200Текст<p><span>Allowable depth of water area &ndash; up to 23.5 m</span></p>Точка 5Top610Left680Текст<p><span>Designed for installation works in the water area.</span></p>